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Living 10 miles from Darlington Raceway, growing up hearing the sounds of 40-plus cars running 376 laps around the 1 3/8 track, it was something of a dream come true when I was ‘hired’ to work in the credentials department of this famed old track. Working two weeks for each of the two races per year, I became fairly acquainted with teams, drivers, their families, and with the press members covering the two events.

I had no idea it was to be the entrance into a lifelong career. The joining of racing and art - other than my three children - these were and are my passions. My association with the Darlington Raceway allowed me to be commissioned to paint for these covers beginning in 1982, followed a few years later by the Daytona and Talladega programs. Twice a year, it was my privilege to have my work on the cover of these and other track souvenier racing programs.

nascar program covers by jeanne barnes

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