procedures and fees

The procedure for obtaining an original portrait is begun with a consultation between the client and the artist. This can be done via telephone or with as little as a 30-minute, face-to-face consultation to establish the following:

·       The purpose of the painting
·       The placement of the painting - for the home or perhaps an official painting to hang in an office or formal setting
·       The number of subjects in the painting
·       The setting for the painting to be inside or outside
·       A head-and-shoulder, three-quarter, or full-length portrait
·       An oil, pastel, or perhaps graphite portrait

fees and procedures The first meeting will be a ‘get acquainted’ meeting, for the artist as well as the subject or commissioner of the painting. Usually a one-hour first meeting will set the pace for the artist to offer suggestions, as well as for the commissioner or subject to understand what the artist will be needing in order to convey through and within the painting, the wishes of those involved.
A second meeting, if needed, will be to establish clothing (formal or casual), setting (inside or outside), or any other added elements (a pet dog or cat), should there be any involved. There will be a photography session, or the meeting will establish a mutual setting for a photo session. Should the commissioner have existing photography which is preferred, this session will be used to establish the extent of the photography and its usability for the purpose.

Fee for Portraits
Head and Shoulders - $3,500
Head and Shoulders to include hands - $4,500
Three Quarter Length - $8,500
Full Length - $10,000
Framing is included in the price schedule. However, travel, if necessary, is not included.
The final fee is determined when discussions have been completed and all concerns are mutually agreed upon for requirements of the portrait. Fifty percent of the determined fee will be due upon completion of the final consultation session, should all concerns be addressed for all parties involved. Balance due upon satisfactory delivery of portrait.
To obtain additional information or for appointment schedules, contact Jeanne Barnes Studio, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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