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jeanne barnesMeet Jeanne Barnes

Jeanne, a life-long native of Florence, South Carolina, began painting at the age of 12. Loving parents encouraged this interest, as well as her interest in music. The smell of oil paint, the feel of the keys and sound of a piano, the exhilaration of ballet lessons – these and the beautiful seashore of South Carolina are among this artist’s fondest memories.

Then came NASCAR racing! Twelve miles from the famed Darlington Raceway, NASCAR’s first super speedway, Jeanne also grew up hearing the sound of the engines at top speed. The circus-like atmosphere, the crowds, the excitement – these all stayed in her subconscious.

Marriage, then divorce after 10 years, three children to raise. A 10-year career in advertising sales for the local newspaper helped connect Jeanne’s past with her future, and ultimately her present. Darlington was on the horizon once again. For 14 years, twice a year, Jeanne was in the thick of racing, working in the Press Credential Office at the Darlington Raceway. Everyone in the racing community passed through the doors of this office, introducing her to her new clients and new world. Thus began the art career, combined with NASCAR racing.

Fine art portraits were a staple during the advertising days. The love for the human form in portraiture flowed into racing. Portraits of the NASCAR drivers and their families, car owners, corporate heads, were a natural progression. Living life to the fullest at 200 MPH – not bad for a simple Southern girl!

jeanne with david pearson
Jeanne takes a little ride!

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